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Investing in the Digital Age

Investing in the digital age was never as exciting as it is right now. Lots of new concepts flow around, with the latest tech to show just how powerful ideas can really be. Blockchain is arguably one of the newest inventions coming from the financial industry. It pushes investment boundaries in terms of innovative projects and profitable assets.

In this article, we wish to open up new investment venues for our readers. As such, we offer an overview of the digital age’s new opportunities. These include why blockchain projects are exciting, how to invest in ICOs, and briefly about bitcoin trading.

Blockchain Projects - New Cryptos and Ideas

Many altcoins came out as a result of bitcoin’s rise to fame. Ethereum brought smart contracts, Monero privacy, and many other innovations that are applicable across different business sectors. Additionally, there are many other projects that do not have anything to do with financial systems and concentrate on real-world issues.


Such projects are worthy to investigate and take part in. In terms of investment, there are platforms that offer lending and funding opportunities. As a bitcoin investment, you can lend out bitcoins and earn interests in either crypto or fiat currency. You can also accept payments and fund projects that would pay profits later as an early investor.


ICO Projects: Pros & Red Flags

Apart from project ideas and businesses that come out of blockchain, ICOs were ever the most popular investment choice. However, at the same time, the ICO market is notoriously known for many scams with billions of US Dollars lost. Thus, there are few red flags you as an investor should be on the lookout before you decide to back a project.

  • is ICO part of a regulated business?

  • is the future of the project financially healthy?

  • what are expansion/development plans, are they realistic?

  • are owners of the ICO known?

  • does the company solve real-world problems?


There are many other questions you can ask yourself but above five are the main ones that distinguish real investment opportunity from a fraud.


Bitcoin Investment and Trading

Lastly, traditional bitcoin investment and trading is a sure way to make a profit from cryptocurrencies. Binary options with bitcoin and altcoins are much more rewarding than with conventional assets like stocks or commodities. Although their risks are higher as well, returns on investment can be lucrative.


Astro Options is one of the platforms where bitcoin trading is possible. The digital market is not controlled by a single entity and thus has a very small number of a middleman like brokerages. One can directly trade and invest in digital coins without paying large fees.



There are a lot of investment opportunities while investing in the digital age. Blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies themselves propose an interesting alternative to mainstream financial markets. Decentralized, middleman-free, and carrying low transfer costs, digital coins offer ample opportunities for traders and investors.


Astro Options, to the moon 🚀


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