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Cryptocurrency Investment Successes

When someone mentions cryptocurrency investment successes, many would become skeptical. Mainstream media would have you believe that, while few made money while buying and selling BTC, many more lost everything. However, that statement would not be true, as many people successfully invested (and still do) into cryptocurrencies.

We give you some of the top cryptocurrency investment successes to show that with digital coins anything is possible.

Roger Ver

One of the first people to embrace bitcoin and thus cryptocurrencies was Roger Ver. The crypto millionaire was already a wealthy person to begin with but made his fortunes explode when he involved himself with BTC in 2011. Since then, he did not invest in digital coins only but in business projects as well. Some of the more famous examples of crypto business that attracted Vers attention were BitInstant Ripple,, Bitpay, and Kraken.


Roger Ver is still active in the market, with many people dubbing him to be Bitcoin Jesus. His overall wealth is estimated at $52 million and continues to grow.


Charlie Shrem

If you think about cryptocurrency investments as buying and selling activities, Charlie Shrem should come to a mind. However, he was not interested solely in making a profit from price changes but to offer a service to others. Thus, he created a BitInstant business, which made other people like Roger Ver and Winklevoss twins rich as well.


His overall net worth is $45 million, including when he created a new company called Intellisys Capital.


David Dave Carlson

Cryptocurrency investment successes do not include only traders and business investors. Mining businesses boomed as well, with Dave Carlson being one of those early miners. Back in 2011, he created a company called MegaBigPower in 2011 which is active even today.


His overall net worth stands at $35 million while MegaBigPower makes about $8 million in profit each year. Not a bad result, even when compared to other crypto millionaires.


Jered Kenna

Jered Kenna is one of those people that fulfilled all of our wildest fantasies. He bought bitcoin at the time when the price tag was 20 cents. Since then, the ex-marine created a small empire of bitcoin-related business, drawing a wealth of $30 million in the process. He is known for TradeHill company, which closed due to a massive hacker attack. After that, he also created 20Mission and TradeZero Digital Currency.


The Winklevoss Twins

Perhaps the most famous crypto investors, Winklevoss twins, Cameron and Tyler, went a long way to become true bitcoin millionaires. Following their legal battle with Mark Zuckerberg over Facebook, they invested a good portion of their assets into BitInstant to purchase BTC.


Since then, they emerged victorious amidst many bull and bear ruins, with a fortune estimated to be around $400 million. To make things even fuzzier, during the Bitcoin's biggest rally in 2017/2018, their combined wealth surpassed $1 billion. Right now, they are owners of their own crypto exchange called Gemini. Recently, they even released their own cryptocurrency stablecoin, dubbed as Gemini dollar (GUSD).


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